The mission of Rocky Mountain Storm Lacrosse Club is to foster a life-long enjoyment for the game of lacrosse for youth boys and girls, residing in the West Metro Denver area.

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2019 Spring Red Level Tryout Results!


U11 and U12:  Based on the skill level of the players at the U11 and U12 Red Level Tryouts, we believe that our best teams would not be competitive at the Red Level in these age groups next Spring.  Therefore, Storm Lacrosse will not have Red Level Teams at U11 and U12 for the Spring 2018 Season, unless there is significant improvement at the player evaluations in January/February.  If your son participated in the Red Level Tryouts for these age groups, he will need to attend the White/Blue Player Evaluations in January/February 2018.  The dates for White/Blue Player Evaluations are posted in the "Player Tryouts" tab on the left menu bar.

The White/Blue Player Evaluations this winter could result in multiple White Level Teams at each age group level.  This will depend on the level of skill at the evaluations.

We are also adding experienced coaches to these age groups to further help the development of these players.

We believe that these age groups will continue to improve and our hope is that both of these age groups have Red Level Teams for the 2019 season.


Congratulations to the following players who made the Spring 2018 Storm Red Level Teams!


Storm Boys U13 Red - Coach Schoepflin

  1. Gunner Schoepflin

  2. Ryan Pryor

  3. Nicolas Clarke

  4. Charlie Tobin

  5. Ross Ellis

  6. Noah Perea

  7. Lochlan Rogers

  8. Seamus Story

  9. Johnny Becker

  10. Deacon Colwell

  11. Sean Patrick O’Reilly

  12. Luke Dempsey

  13. Joe Snyder

  14. August Moser

  15. Chris Homer

  16. Nolan Spetzler


Storm Boys U15 Red - Coach Kellogg

  1. Zach Friedman

  2. Reed Henkel

  3. Samuel Riecken

  4. John Huss

  5. Lane Kellogg

  6. Iain Page

  7. Louie Ficco

  8. Jace Wright

  9. Keenan Knop

  10. Colton McPherson

  11. Samuel Lindsey

  12. Connor Garrison

  13. Luke Resendez

  14. Lane Lessley

  15. Jackson Abbey

  16. Cole Siegler


Storm Boys U15 Red - Coach Watts

  1. Connor Watts

  2. Eddie O'Sullivan

  3. Cody Connor

  4. Alex Vogelsang

  5. Tony Ross

  6. Logan Brewer

  7. Josh Torrey

  8. Davis Brickle

  9. Dalton Summers

  10. Nate Strong

  11. Sean Landmark

  12. Beck Nicholson

  13. Ben England

  14. Mac Olson

  15. Seth Bins

  16. Nick Gates

  17. Eli Guevara


NOTE:  If you were not selected for a Red Team, it is OK, do not despair!

We will be having White/Blue Team Evaluations for team placement in January/February 2018 at the Foothills Sports Arena located at the Schaefer Sports Complex near Kipling and I-285 at 3608 S. Kipling Street, Denver, CO 80235.  The dates and times for the White/Blue Team Evaluations are posted in the "Player Tryouts" tab on the left menu bar.